Transponder Surveillance/Mode Ground Station

  • The Transponder Surveillance/Mode Ground Station (TSMGS) provides capability of generating Interrogations for Mode 1, 2, 3/A, 4, 5, and S. The TSMGS was designed for the United States Air Force for elementary and enhanced interrogations of Mode S aircraft. The TSMGS Interrogator interfaces with a controller that provides the operator with a capability of transmitting a single interrogation to a specific aircraft (Mode S address) or a sequence of interrogations.
  • The TSMGS system has been designed for mobile or stationary operation. The Interrogator is mounted in rack mount case. An accessory transit case carries all the RF cables, antennas, and controller.
  • The Interrogator has been designed to work with either a directional sector, omni-directional or scanning antenna.

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